Saturday, December 11, 2010

More on Glantaf

This has been an eventful week for Pads. He had been fairly coy about going back to Glantaf but by Tuesday he'd lined up Art, one of his favourite subjects. The teacher was, apparently, unfriendly and sarcastic towards him, which left us picking up the pieces, appalled that anyone could be so insensitive. In conversation with other parents, it seems like this teacher is notorious for crushing pupils. In fairness, the staff we link with were annoyed and determined to act. It turns out that this teacher had actually been impressed with, and complementing Pads, for at least trying to answer questions. 'Impressed'?!? Hah! Once P had started to reflect on the lesson, he was vowing to go back to the same teacher, to show he will not be intimidated! How's that for impressive!?!
Wednesday, he went back. This time it was IT. At that lesson a teacher pulled his hat off, as did a year 9 child. In fact, there were three teachers in two days telling him off about his hat! Thankfully he's taking all this in his stride and the year tutor is doing all in her power to put things right, as is another senior teacher, and Pads' cousins! It just shows the difference between a small school and a massive one in terms of the spread of characters and the difficulties of communicating to them.
Thursday he went to Ruth's to do some woodwork with Rhys.
Last night Neil and Sarah took the boys and Pads' best friend to the Panto, tickets courtesy of The Christian Lewis Trust - they all came back with a bag of goodies!
Today we had a boys trip to a local badminton court where Pads was very tickled to beat Asher in their singles game. Although he trailed over the park in the wheelchair, Pads did participate in some gentle sport for almost a whole hour!
Pads is now down to just 2ml of sodium per day, so his kidneys are getting back to normal.

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