Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ash and Ben: Cossack dancing!

Asher and Ben were amongst the stars of the show at the School Christmas concert! It was about Babushka.
Pads was able to come over from Glantaf (where yet another person had removed his hat...! but he's taking it all in his stride) and used his new camera to good effect. Jacob's Starz had targetted him for a gift. Jacob died in Sept 2009 of a brain tumour and his mum set up a fund to benefit those who'd been having a tough time. A lot of children are wanting i-pads etc. but P was trying hard to spend as little as possible... he chose a digital camera that cost 1/5th of the donation.
On Monday Pads went to two lessons back-to-back, but that's it for the week now. He can't escape the home-visiting tutor so easilly though! She's coming again tomorrow.

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