Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stroppy teenager

We've been having a laugh today about how Pads has transformed into a stroppy teenager overnight. In fact, he's just his usual delightful self. With the largest snowfall in Cardiff that any of us can remember (8-12" is no exaggeration), it was a concern that few would be willing to stay to the lunch that we'd planned at the hall.
In fact, there were around 50 of us - a heartwarming number! Pads got just about everything he'd wished for - i.e. his draft excluder. He refused my challenge to get a photo with every guest in the hall with the new camera (we only got as far as Bethan! - although that's not a bad way to start and end!) - it probably would have exhausted him anyway!
There was more progress on the medication front after Friday's clinic. He no longer needs the sodium suppliment at all and the Septrin (antibiotic - taken on weekends only) was also stopped.

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