Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas 2010!

Pads continues in good form, having avoided the flu so far. In fact we are grateful that none of us have gone down with that.
We've also enjoyed going through our Christmas readings again, and again I've spotted some howling omissions, which I will attempt to remedy for next time... what was I thinking of to miss out the first 17 verses of Matthew!? That verse 17, which summarises that there were 14 generations each between Abraham-David-Babylon-Christ just cries out "trace God's hand here"!
Meanwhile, there's the snow/ice which put paid to Pads 'mates party' on Monday... to reconvene in the New Year. It also closed Moli's school on their last day when they were due to hold a talent show. But she's more gutted about not being able to see her friend who's moving to the US. The smalls have been slightly reluctant to go out, but then our front room is pretty cosy these days, thanks to the wood-burner and generous wood donors (and cutters!)! When they have been coaxed out... sliding down this crazy slope in Roath Park - has been worth risking exposure for.
We're taking things (fairly) easy this Christmas, not prepared to get stressed about hitting non-crucial deadlines... and that includes Christmas cards. So, our apologies if yours is late. Our annual newsletter is available from this link. It includes some artwork by Moli and Pads and is designed so that it, with a bit of care, can be folded with the artwork on the front, sortof like a Christmas card...

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