Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some welcome slack time

After a calm Christmas (apart from acquiring another dog and going sledging), it was time to get on the road to visit Ally's side of the family. We've done this via two nights in a hotel - seems Pads is a bit allergic to the bed - has come out with a sore/itchy rash on his neck this morning! Hopefully nothing that a dose of piriton and some topical cream wont sort.
Pads coped well with the journey here and a 10 minute walk to catch a bus to visit the Imperial War Museum yesterday. He still gets quite a lot of pain in his feet (neuropathy from chemo) if he's on them for too long so he did well. The 'Ministry of Food' exhibition was excellent, although I was slightly miffed that a 'family ticket' only included two of our children.
Ally took a slightly panicked call yesterday saying that Pads MRI scan is on Friday, contradicting a previous notification. Another call this morning confirmed that the date is indeed the 31st January. Phew!
The picture is all I could catch of Moli on ski/pallate-sledge that we'd been trying out. Sadly, what you cant see is that Asher was also on board performing all kinds of artistic poses! Sometimes you just have to be there...

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