Saturday, January 8, 2011

We welcomed the New Year in at our 'Watchnight' service (link to recorded sermon online). The raucous celebrations outside were in sharp contrast to the delightful pensive prayerful calm inside. Mum and Pads stayed home but were able to listen in via Skype. Afterwards there was the usual exhanges of 'Happy New Year'. Those joining via Skype were no exception. Pads informed the others that his new year's resolution is not to get cancer again. His lethargy and the upcoming scan is playing on our minds somewhat. But we trust that, whatever the future holds, God never makes mistakes.
He's been quite unwell this week with a dose of sinusitis meaning school was out of the question... And although he's pretty cagey about going back, there was no escaping the visiting tutor who came twice this week. Another visitor was Ann, the play therapist. She brought individual bags of presents for each of the children: thanks to the Christian Lewis Trust again! Pads' feet are still giving him trouble: he just about managed to hobble to and from the hospital for a hearing aid appointment this week, and declined a bout of badminton today. At the clinic, the staff were very understanding when he admitted to not wearing the hearing aids very much. That will probably change if he goes to school where he has to cope with more ambient noise. Our POONs nurse (Paediatric Oncology Outreach Nurse) is due to visit Glantaf on Monday to talk through some of the issues on our behalf.
We've all been enjoying the new dog, Jack. He's quite the 'lap-dog' and less twitchy than Moses (who can't bear Ally to be out of sight), although his house-training leaves somewhat to be desired. Perhaps that will improve with neutering...

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