Monday, November 1, 2010

PEG trauma

Pads had a busy day that included a sessions with the tutor and the play therapist, followed by a bath.
He's been having strange tummy pain around the PEG recently. We suspected that the Mickey Button might be the wrong size if he's grown since fitting the current one in July. The specialist nurse agreed to see him and she was on hand to guide the process. The last time the button was changed Pads needed a dose of tranquilliser, and he soon started to quail at the prospect. Pads really couldn't bring himself to do it and so mum had to be very firm, holding his hands in the end, and the PEG nurse performed the swap. By the end they were all close to tears and Pads was still shaking hours later.
The new pipe into his stomach is just 2mm longer than the old one. Coupled with turning the button daily, he hopes this will reduce the pain.
The real solution, of course, is to shift him towards having the PEG out altogether. So we're going to try reducing the feed a little bit to spur his appetite.
Everyone says he looks very well. There's even a thin covering on his head now.
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