Saturday, February 5, 2011

Enjoying life

We had a superb view at the match last night. I was really impressed by the steward who spotted us with the wheelchair and escorted us right to our seats... which was quite a feat. It is energetic enough to push the chair through town filled with the joyful crowds, but the determined milling about inside the stadium is very tricky to negotiate.
You can read plenty elsewhere about the match. We enjoyed it although I think it looked like pantomime compared with Southern Hemisphere rugby.
It did get very late, so we've had a lazy morning. The smalls have gone off to a friends house now. We thought it was time to ask Pads if he at all wanted to know about the scan result. Turns out he forgot all about it. He's so well and happy with life, planning a really quite full week of school to come. We're about to go swimming and he's been dogwalking with Moli this morning. It would be great to focus on living life to the full, and the holiday on the horizon helps with that. If you want to talk about the scan or anything related to that, please talk to Ally or myself.

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willbewill said...

Your post got me thinking about a guy from the US on our HiFi site - quote:
"Are there any other wheelchair users... here? I have spina bifida at T6-T7 level... I am a survivor! My wife and both adopted sons are Scandinavian born. And all 3 have spina bifida as does her twin brother and parents. And we all had clubfeet from birth. And our motto is life without limits...All 4 of us wheelchair users."