Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing much as changed from the Multi-disciplinary team meeting on Monday last. Pads continues in good health - apart from a spotty rash that has not really left him since his dip in the pool last Saturday. He's maintaining his normal tuition times (5 hours) plus 3 days of school (7 lessons in total) which makes 12 out of 25 that students normally go to. He went to English and Science for the first time this week and enjoyed them well enough. On Tuesday he went  to school for 2 hours, did an hour with the tutor and then went to Holiday on Ice, got to bed at 11pm. Thanks to Hannah for taking them and this picture :-)
He was up again the next morning for three hours in school. Decided not to come and see the consultant with us in favour of beating the play therapist at various games-  2 hours of skipbo! That was with 50 cards each. She managed to win the shorter version with 10 cards). Of course, all these things are nicely smoothed along with the occasional cheeseburger.
On Thursday night he enjoyed a stage production of Pinnochio at the New Theatre too. Quite a social whirl!
He was more awake to the fact that we'd visited the consultant but we couldn't enlighten him any more because there was no material change in the advice. So we're still looking at another scan in a few weeks time to see whether anything has changed by then. Meantime, the holiday is getting nearer and there is plenty of talk about where to go, what to eat, etc., God willing.

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Susanna said...

Hello. So lovely to see pictures of happiness and life being lived.God is indeed in control- what a comfprt to know that HE knows the scan results and is preparimg the way for you whatever they may be. Will continue to hold you all in prayer before the throne of grace.