Thursday, February 17, 2011


We left it in the hands of the experts to think whether or not a PET scan would help. Our consultant has been speaking with the staff who run the new installation in Cardiff but that doesnt have the optimum type of scan for medulloblastoma. So the team took it further, but, in discussions with UK experts, it was thought that even the best a PET scan could do may yet be quite inconclusive. The best kind of scan, it seems, is the MRI and for that we'll have to wait until after the holiday. The kids are getting very excited about that - counting the days... but there is a lot to organise and do before the trip so the parents are hoping it lives up to its codename: Operation XAL (pronounced exhale). Pads is getting over the worst of a cold which pole-axed him last weekend. He rallied and made it to three lessons on Wednesday, but the walking  around school exhausted him. Since swimming nearly a fortnight ago, he's come up with spots and, by now, quite nasty sores. It's either a skin infection or a reaction to chemicals in the water. Either way, it goes to show something of the lasting effects of the chemo/radiotherapy.

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