Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Healing up nicely

It fell to the GP to diagnose Pads skin problem. He'd developed spots and then patches of raw skin in various places! Having applied the antifungal/steroid cream for just a couple of days, things are really healing up fast. Thankfully his cold has moved on too so we're in better and improving shape for the first TCFF Houseparty in Dartmoor, from tomorrow for two nights. It's quite an exciting venture for everyone involved. The facilities at Heatree are excellent and we've got Pastor David Kay speaking twice, just to us.
Pads has actually been doing very well lately. On the weekend he walked up to Greenwich Observatory and the day before he was zipping around the Science Museum, trying his hand at all the experiments. He and Ally had gone east to help Will and Vic with the emigration preparation - quite a poignant trip!
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