Saturday, February 26, 2011


We had a great time at The Way, Heatree, Dartmoor. It was our first houseparty. There was ample accommodation for the 24 of use, including 6 leaders.
Pads was able to join in with quite a lot. Highlights included the two talks from Pastor David Kay of Barnstaple, about Jotham, who had prospered having prepared his ways before the LORD. The Centre manager, John, gave his testimony (an account of how he became a Christian) at the campfire, Pads opted to stand for the whole time - he was so absorbed, as we all were.
Apart from the more strenuous activities, Pads greatly enjoyed and entered into 'Heatree Olympics' (pic-up-sticks, javelin (cocktail stick), blind foosball, memory game, etc.) and other games (like 'empires').
The 'campers' were a delight - I think the staff at the Taunton chippie on the way home had never had such a polite, happy and quiet group of teenagers.
Heatree is a great place for a houseparty and The Way was perfect for a group our size.
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