Monday, March 28, 2011

Florida - Week 2a

Just stealing a moment to fill in the basic details of our second week in Florida.
Wednesday - we had to pack up and bid GKTW farewell. Before we left there was a de-briefing. Pads now has membership of an international theme park partnership which gives him free access to a global network of theme parks. The only one in the UK is West Midlands Safari Park but that's not to be sniffed at. We're entitled to return to GKTW village once to partake of all its delights at no charge. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and anyone in our position that goes to Florida for their 'wish' would be mad not to take it up. There was time to explore some shops before heading for the hotel. Having settled in, with a good view of Epcot (useful for fireworks displays) we made for 'Fuddruckers' - home of the 1lb cheeseburger. Very nice but nothing beats McDonalds for Pads.
Thursday - Breakfast at IHOP before splashing about at Aquatica, a water park. Pads and Ally went off together which allowed the rest of us to go a bit faster. Bo and Moli suffered a little sub-burn here but nothing too serious. It was over to Chevys Fresh Mexican for dinner. The portions were so large we only needed 3 main meals, having scoffed the complimentary nachos.
Friday - Since Pads had not wanted to attempt any big rides, and we still had a day's pass to Universal, I took the other kids there to catch the big rides early. Even without Pads' queue-skipping powers, we managed to get on The Incredible Hulk twice in a row before 9:15! Then it was Dr Doom's fear fall - more screaming! We walked over to Harry Potter land to try the Dragon Challenge roller-coaster, but that part of the park was already at capacity by 9:30! So we picked up a ticket which would guarantee us admittance between 10:30 and 11:30. So we walked all the way over to the Rip Ride Rockit, quite a new and popular rollercoaster. It was a bit of a surprise to find we had to queue for this - at least 20 minutes! Shocking! After that, my brain had started to hurt but we were still aiming for the Dragons so we hiked all the way back over to the Harry Potter land. Harry Potter is the 'wrong kind of magic' for our liking and we were happy to ignore the trappings. Most of the people were there to try the newest ride in the park but we were only there for the speed. This roller-coaster has been re-named from Duelling Dragons - so called because two sets of carriages tear around simultaneously and pass within inches of each other at some points.
Meanwhile, Ally and Pads had been taking it easy. In the afternoon we went off to the Pioneer Museum - just half a mile from GKTW. It offers fascinating insights into the real Florida - reminded us a bit of the Museum of Welsh Life back home. In the evening we attended the thrilling Arabian Nights dinner show, paid for by the Christian Lewis Trust
Pads has been doing well since we came back - no sign of the illness he suffered on the first day we were in Florida. Tomorrow is a big day for him with 2 hours of school followed by a meeting with the SENCO and then a session with the tutor at home. He's also starting to eat a bit more and we're looking at reducing his anti-sickness meds further. Well - I'll have to stop there - it's got late on me!

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