Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photos from the Florida Trip

I cannot stop to detail all the places we went in the second week of our trip, although it was slower-paced than the first week. Just to say that it was wonderful and we got back safe and sound, thanks to Neil for driving our van to Gatwick to collect us so we could slump rather than risk an accident. Even though Florida is only 4 hours behind the UK, none of us slept very well on the flight so we're all feeling a bit fuzzy at the moment... except for Asher of course, who pretty much stepped out of the car only long enough to get his kit and then was back out so that he could help his school rugby team at a local Urdd tournament. They did really well, only losing one of their four matches and only failed to get through to the next round on try difference. Many schools have two classes per form but the boy's school has almost only ever had one (with the exception of Moli's year) which means they have twice the numbers to select from.


Ruth said...

Hi guys, you look tanned! It's freezing here in St Louis. Lovely pics of your trip,

Susanna said...

sounds like you had a fantastic break togetehr. So glad you could do that