Monday, March 7, 2011

More pain

Ah, but, this time it was 'self inflicted' :-)
On Saturday Pads visited 'Boulders' - the indoor rock-climbing arena. LATCH had organised a brain tumour support group trip there and Pads had excelled himself, getting to the top of at least three rock-faces!
Of course, his body had mostly forgotten it had muscles all over the place, but every one of these are now complaining bitterly so he seems more of a 'crock' than ever!
Many thanks to those of you who have generously sponsored our little jaunt in May - it's very encouraging! I'll leave the justgiving items on the left-hand side of this blog where you can see an up to date total of monies raised.
On another front, he was delighted to get his second 'Blue Peter' Badge, this time it was for his entry into the Queen's Diamond Jubilee emblem competition. Only 100 in each of the three age categories achieved this out of over 35000 entries! His orange badge was accompanied by a Blue Peter Annual and a really nice letter from the team...
Pads new Blue Peter Badge

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