Monday, May 9, 2011

Beacons Way set to begin today

We're in the final throws of preparing for the Beacons Way trek. We're more or less nervous about the challenge. It's clearly no big deal to run 100 miles in a couple of days with 40Kg on your back if you're a marine. However, none of us fall into that category so we're trying to do it in 6 days with less than 20Kg instead... still expecting it to be tough.
Pads and Dads (with Christian Lewis Trust T-shirt)
In case you missed them, the justgiving pages related to this are as follows:
Thanks to all of you who have generously given so that all targets have been exceeded, but if you still want to contribute - it's be great to see you on the 'roll of honour'!
We've had a few wobbles with Pads over the last couple of days. On Thursday night he was tired trying to do calligraphy for someone and a blind spot came over his right eye stopping him. This was gone in the morning but it did give us a glimpse of what could be coming in the near future.
Yesterday morning he was ill and that threw him, already tired from Longleat, for the best part of the day. He more-or-less brought up the paracetamol and gabapentin he'd just swallowed so that knocked my ability to give him those pain relief meds until much later on. And he did need pain relief - the effort of vomiting was a sore trial. When his tummy had calmed down I was able to gently squirt in an adult dose of ibruprofen and that helped in time. Later I could repeat the codeine dose and so he was happy to be able to get to the evening service, as jolly as ever.

Being on the walk this week, I have no idea of how much news I'll be able to bring through the blog or twitter but will do what I can.

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