Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Because it's nice when I stop

Some would say it's a bit mad to walk 100 miles (or so) when you could drive...
We had a fairly strenuous 10miles yesterday, arriving at Llanthony at 5.30, accompanied most of the way by the sound of skylarks and thunder. We certainly got wet, but, by carefully observing the showers' path, accurately predicted when the rain would hit, donning the waterproofs. It was quite pleasing to feel the weather bouncing off.
Some cyclists we talked to described the roads becoming instantly treacherous, with 2 inches of hail falling suddenly further up the valley. Looking all around along Hatteral Hill at the storms, we could tell that we had done very well out of the day's weather. We pitched tents in the dry and retired for a very hearty meal around an open fire in the Half Moon Hotel.
We did not sleep that well but the weather was kind and the morning was fine. We had group devotions in the ancient church of St David before heading off and up.
The picture shows us resting at Crug Mawr. Just one more 300m climb left today :-) It'll be nice to get to Cwmdu.

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