Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oakwood preferred to MRI

So it was the annual LATCH trip to Oakwood. Asher had already decided to go with his mates to Glan Taf: a kind of preview day. Having missed the family last week I opted, at the last minute, to take the day off and go as well (adding to the usual morning chaos somewhat!). Thanks to Sarah for picking up the care of Ash and the doggies.
As per a previous post, Pads is being lined up for a scan. We'd been offered one for today but Pads wanted to go to Oakwood. He loves Megaphobia (a large rickety wooden roller-coaster) although he refuses to do any of the other big rides. The picture is of the kids posing near a Wild West themed section of the park. Pads was feeling a bit naughty opting for the Mountain Dew (American soft drink he really got into at Florida) as the Chiropracter he's been seeing for symptom relief advises against cafinated drinks. Pads has always enjoyed a massage, although this chiropracter is of the 'touch' type.
We were wondering if Oakwood was the right option, but he was quite definite. Pending cancellations, we're looking at another two weeks for a scanner slot.
He has just started a 3-day course of steroids (dexamethasone), which has given him quite a boost. He's still slurring his speech and staggering around, but a good bit more sparkly. If you haven't seen him for a while you'd notice quite a deterioration.

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