Monday, May 16, 2011


It was wonderful to be met by so many people on the last day of the walk. Bro. Neil had braved a night under canvas to feed us with meaty beef casserole the night before and a full-on, never-to-be-forgotten cooked breakfast, before we set off at 7am.
Then, when we were flagging as we crossed the most barren part of the walk so far, bro. Steve and his doggie popped up (plus donuts!). We continued up the valley, with the castle in our sights. Finally reaching it, confident that this was the last significant 'up', we stormed Carreg Cennen Castle, and were greeted by cheers from the ladies who had reached it before us. Aneira, from the Christian Lewis Trust, was also there to hand out congratulatory certificates.
Group shot at Carreg Cennan
After a cuppa at the excellent cafe, we set off again and this gave Ally and I a welcome chance to catch up. Eventually we heard another familar voice: it was two more friends from church, Barbara and Bethan, who'd walked 3 miles out to meet us. A mile from Bethlehem, more friends and family had begun to cook a splendid barbeque. We paused to exchange greetings and passed on, eager to finish. We reached Bethlehem post office at 6:45pm, exhausted. It's great to have completed the walk and raised a significant sum for charity... heading on for £3000 between us.
Back at home, Pads has been feeling quite tired and occasionally giddy. It's not easy to tell what is causing it but we've tried reducing the gabapentin by a third. The medics want to scan him again. It will be a special scan but they can do it in Cardiff and interpret it in Birmingham. The purpose is to establish firmly that there is tumour there which could respond to chemo, rather than changes due to radiotherapy. The chemo would not be with a view to cure, but prolonging good quality of life. He's enjoying simple pleasures like jigsaws, donuts, audio books, and spending time with relatives and friends. For example, Latch are funding a trip to Oakwood on Thursday and to the climbing centre on Saturday, the latter is just for him and some of his mates from school.


Will said...

Brilliant achievement. Congratulations.

Susanna said...

well done all of you. what an achievement!