Friday, May 13, 2011

The Black Mountain

We were delighted to welcome Anton back, fresh from a break and two good sleeps. He was in fine form and led the way at his own pace, which, it was assumed, would be slower than we'd normally go. But we were still tired from yesterday and so Anton's pace was a bit too keen for comfort at times.
Day 5 was always likely to be my favourite, not for the reduced milage (11miles or so) so much as the scenery which is a real favourite. However, it did turn out to be pretty gruelling, with a period of driving rain as harsh as anything we've had yet. Joe and Alex were flinching from knee pain on descending, but they're both very keyed up for the big 20 mile last day tomorrow.
Not long after we'd arrived at the campsite, Neil arrived with a sumptuous feast of beef casserole, bread from the deli and pudding. We were very well fed (Joe was hoping to loose weight this week!). Neil's gone to take Anton back to his car at Dan-y-Ogof, and is camping for the first time in his life tonight so that he can cook breakfast for us, ready for us to leave at 7am tomorrow!
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Ruth said...

Neil will be as tired as you lot ;-)

Ruth said...

Neil says that he still hasn't slept in a tent although he did spend the night in one

Mike said...

I think the entire campsite can bear witness to the fact that Neil slept - the snoring was reverbing around the hills :-) But fair play for getting up in time to cook us a mega cooked breckie.