Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inverness and back

Rogie Falls, originally uploaded by agent_mikejohnson.

With the points failure at Glouscester, our journey home on the train was two hours longer than planned. In fact we had to take the rest of the trip via coach and the driver wasnt clear on the route!
Anyway, we had a fantastic time in Scotland, thanks to the McFarlanes. The weather was a lot better than Wales, by all accounts. We actually packed in quite a lot, in spite of Pads not really wanting to move from his board games and stash of mini-Scotch Eggs, a penchant he picked up on the way up to Inverness.
Our visit coincided with the induction of John Ferguson into the pastorate of KingsView APC on Saturday, which was interesting. The folks there faithfully pray for Pads and I had an opportunity to address an after-meeting with an update about him. Ross prayed very movingly after I'd sat down.
Pads is very much 'off steroids' now and needing all the pain relief we can throw at him. He's even been getting double-vision at times today.

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