Thursday, June 2, 2011


Pads woke at midnight needing more pain relief. By 2am he was shouting. Sadly we didn't have anything stronger than codeine, didn't see this pain level coming. The previous gap between steroids he was fine on 'normal' drugs. Things have clearly moved on. We phoned the nurse who said that the quickest route would be to take him in. He flatly refused to move, even talking hurt too much. In the end I carried him down and out to the car. Thankfully he managed to keep most of the oramorph dose down and it worked fairly well. The reg arrived and gave an IV dose of anti-sickness. Pads needed a venflon for his scan later this morning anyway so that was left in. We got him home and gave him another shot of oramorph as he was still yelping - so far it's stayed down.
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