Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon on Portreath beach. The bakers there make a particularly authentic pasty, and the seafront has good features. We avoided paying the steep car park fee (£1 per hour) with Pads' blue badge and he tottered down onto the sand nearby, where he, perched on a low seat, played a full part in burying folk. As enjoyable is it all was, we couldnt help remembering that the last time we were all together doing that kind of thing was three years ago in France, when Pads' mystery illness was really starting to bite. We'd have a great day on the beach and then he would be completely thrown by 'something'...
In my previous post, I said that The Joshua Foundation had helped us pay for the caravan. In fact it was Jacob's Starz. I've corrected that now and pinched myself again to check my facts with Ally.
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