Monday, August 15, 2011

Pads goes 'Over the Wall'

Amazingly, Pads went off to his 'Over the Wall' Camp today. I say 'amazingly' because as soon as he relapsed last time, we were conscious that other children would want to go and so we were concerned to make his place available as soon as possible... but we were advised to keep his place. In fact, those departing today were kept waiting because two families had not bothered to tell the organisers that they were not coming! Pads siblings, who have all been OTW could not believe this as they had such a great time. After his Ellen MacArthur success, Pads was very keyed up for this trip. He's not due back until Saturday!

Meanwhile, the rest of us are keeping busy. For example, I spent a while publishing this selection of photos from last week in Cornwall...

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