Monday, October 31, 2011


There were no signs that the trip to Heatree had worn Pads down. He was awake for most of the day and attended the evening service yesterday, staying up quite late to finish some codebreaker puzzles. It was wonderful seeing him scrapping with Jack on the floor.
We also had a visit from a lady coach driver that met Pads a couple of times over recent months. She was so affected that she organised a collection and presented it to him at church last night, 'from all of us at First Coaches'. He's supposed to 'do/get something nice' with the money but he's run out of 'wishes', having set his sights on heaven.
Today, after a disturbed night, he's woken up itchy, which is a bit of a mystery symptom. He's just got in the bath to see if a swill will help, after loratadine did not, saying, 'this is one small step for man'. It seems his hair is starting to fall out again too. However, the itinerary for the day is for the play therapist to visit at 11, then the tutor will be over to watch a film, and he's asking to meet up with his cousin Llyr at some point in between all of that!

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