Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanks to LATCH again

Kay, that lady from LATCH called again on this week and they're insisting on paying for our new fridge (had to replace the old one a couple of weeks ago) and a new washing machine. Our current machine is making some very strange noises. We called out an engineer to it recently who confirmed it was on it's way out. The old machine has served us well, it was a legacy from Mrs Locke, a beloved neighbour who passed away four years ago.
I cant share too much of what's going on with Pads although he continues cheerful and patient in the midst of his trial. He enjoyed 'Toddlers at Tabernacle' again on Wednesday - it's good to have something to get him out. But then he spent the rest of the day in bed. Thankfully he still has a good head of hair, even though it did start to come out a bit at the start of the week. And there's been no return of the itchyness he was troubled by at the start of the week.

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