Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ethical gifts and counting the costs

Pads had a very quiet day today, feeling 'zonked' after yesterday's visits from the play therapist and his tutor. However, it did make him easy prey for the nurse who needed to take some blood, to check that the chemo is not harming his counts. This involves a finger/thumb prick (he has a choice!) and then a collecting vial is scraped over the hole. It makes me wince to witness it but Pads is an old hand at this now.
A calmer day also gave him chance to consider options for his birthday... and he's plumped for a single game of 10-pin bowling with a couple of chums.
We're somewhat amazed to be looking at Pads' birthday. He'll be 14. Regarding gifts, as I've said before, he really does not lack for anything. However, flexing significant powers of imagination, some have managed to come up with a suitable present idea. If you are failing at this, and were thinking of going any higher than a card, Pads would like to encourage you to consider an 'ethical gift'. These two sites looked promising when he was reviewing them earlier today. http://www.goodgifts.org/ and http://www.presentaid.org/ For example, £15 will buy a single 'Medical sniffer rat', or, if vegetation is your thing, a similar sum will gift 20 fruit trees to struggling families in Nicaragua.
Poppy the rat says hello
Our LATCH social worker arrived with the nurse to help Ally with a benefits form. You may have missed an article on the Welsh regional news last night, following up a recent report published by CLIC Sargent, 'Counting the Costs of Cancer'. There is no doubt that we have also been hit financially by the disease. Ally would be working at least part of the week, and earning more than our carer's and disabilities allowances. However, we have gratefully received significant financial support, as well as support that equates to financial, from charities, friends and family. Furthermore, we do not experience the same outlay on travel and accommodation that most families in our situation do because we live within 10 minutes walk of the hospital, a singular providence.

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