Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pads' iPad

Well it certainly woke him up today. At about noon he read the letter including a cheque from Brain Tumour UK to pay for the i-Pad he'd been promised a month ago out of the blue. We thought it was going to be delivered, but the funds arrived instead. And so, even on what threatened to be one of the busiest days in town, he was keen to visit Cardiff's Apple Store. The smalls came too as it meant unrestricted access to shiny gadgets. Apple Stores are renowned for their customer service and so it was well worth the visit. A lady called Boo spent a long time with Pads going through the various set-up screens and account creation steps. Back home there is a high degree of interest in the new shiny slate but Pads is slightly bewildered about it. He's overwhelmed (again) by the generosity. He never asked for it, did not want one, has all sorts of conscience-prickings about the fairness of it, thinking about others who could make much better use of the money... including 'world poverty' - partly a consequence of watching Richard Attenborough's film 'Gandhi' this week. I've been trying to point out that things are relative and that this 'superfluity' is intended to help him regain some independence through connectivity. The fact is that just a couple of doses of the chemo he's had would dwarf the i-Pad expense.
In a similar vein, reacting to an inbox full of facebook notification emails, he only just stopped short of deactivating his account. If you're a facebook user, dont expect to see much activity from him in the near future, in spite of the potentially much easier access he's just gained to it. I've set him up with some bedtime watching: a documentary about the commercialisation of the world's food supply.

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