Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Into December

Into December we go... just a couple of weeks to Pads' birthday. We're often asked what he might like, but what do you get for the boy who has everything and wants for nothing? You cant even get him 'consumables' as he's eating almost nothing, certainly nothing sweet. This photo was taken at a pretty lavish get-together at a friends' house last Saturday - note the bare cream-cracker (and splendid tree!).
But his health continues pretty good. He's avoided a couple of nasty colds that the others have brought home and there's been no dramatic further loss of faculties. It seems like the temozolomide is holding the cancer's progress. The consultant wouldnt be drawn on whether the clomipramine was also helping. I started working from home more in November, at the suggestion of the consultant, going in to the office for meetings and etc. Thankfully it's just a 10 minute walk over the park. It is hard to know whether to continue that policy and for how long. I'm grateful that my bosses, well, everyone really, is extremely supportive. It's tempting to think ahead, as to whether I will still be 'working from home except meetings' in a couple of months time, but we just have to take each day as it comes. I bumped into Dan, the social worker from LATCH, in early November. He was organising a Christmas night-out for the brain-tumour support group. I had to confess then that I could not imagine Pads would make it, but he's there right now 10-pin bowling!
Last week we finished our annual Christmas review for posting with a Christmas card to some friends who we know are unlikely to check this blog. You can download a tree-friendly version from this link.

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