Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I don't know

Pads has been spending a lot of time in bed recently. Towards the end of last week it was even getting him down, he was even getting fed up of his entertainments (i-pad, mp3 player, DS). By Saturday he couldn't give any other answer than, 'I dont know'. With that, mum got him dressed and suddenly he was in the car. I'd just about finished cutting my hair and needed Ally to give it the once-over but Pads was in situ but thankfully I'd done a reasonable job. Before long Pads was in the 38 degree hot tub at Ruth's. He stayed there until it was 36.5, somewhat marooned for the last ten minutes, and that 1.5 degress makes quite a difference - not least with a keen wind blowing down the garden. I'd been impressed with his ability to 'hurdle' into the tub, getting out wasn't a lot different except that he asked me to carry him down the garden, over the slippy slabs and steps to the house. At 42kg, he didn't present too much of a problem.
On Sunday, Pads was in a high mood, almost irrepressible. At times like this it is wise to keep the tummy tucked in, because nothing pleases him more than catching me off-guard with a flashing finger to the midriff.
The days of this week have passed on without incident really. On Tuesday night he was surprisingly easy to coax downstairs for a 2 hour game of Bohnanza with his siblings, although Moli had to get on with homework after 7:45pm. On Wednesday, Reuben was in town for Toddlers at Tabernacle. He made short work of pursuading Pads to get up to play with our ancient set of brio trains. Pads would really like to meet Reuben's new sibling, due to arrive in a few weeks time.
These kinds of 'good times' make life worth living.


Ben and Bethan Thomas said...

In times like these it's great that little things can make you smile... LOVED the reminder of 'Bohnanza'! Had forgotten it existed. Only ever played it in Germany, glad to see it's alive and well and being enjoyed by the Johnsons!
Bethan x

Mike Johnson said...

yep - it's terrific! we were at it again tonight - took an hour to get around the deck once. The game is supposed to end when you reach the end of the deck the 3rd time! Perhaps we'll have a go at that in the holidays :-)