Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Worth it

In order to lever Pads out of his cosy bed today, mum had invited Pads out on a 'date' to see War Horse. In fact, Pads was wide awake at 11am and stayed that way although was unlikely to make the trip downstairs without further incentive. Ally is really not a fan of the cinema, although a DVD is about the only thing that'll get her sitting down for any length of time at home. But it was worth it. The new St Davids 2 complex allows them to park just 50 metres away from the city centre cinema, the tickets for which she'd pre-paid for with Tesco vouchers.
They both enjoyed the film: mum cried; Pads says he 'shouldn't have read the book first because there were gaps, but otherwise it was good'. Sorry I cant evoke a more detailed review than that...
I pointed out to him that the author, Michael Morpurgo, doesn't mind at all that the film is not identical to the book (in this youtube video).

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