Saturday, January 14, 2012

On record

Have done some more thinking about the radio programme we're planning. We've also been talking to the team about it. In some cases it can become a bit of a pandora's box. We're reminded that some people make a living by publishing news stories. Apparently some less worthy journos are known to scan obituaries for mention of children's cancer charities and the next thing they're knocking the door of the home looking for an angle. Our man from Chwarel is a gem though and the whole process is designed to be as unobtrusive as can be. Even Pads has said he's looking forward to seeing Ian again. One hopeful outcome of the recording would be to help others find a way through the terrors of cancer. Some parents of cancer kids decide to hide the illness from their children, even the one with the illness. Perhaps this is some kind of bid to protect their innocence... Although it is tough for anyone to live with such a disease in the family, it's only a reflection of what happens in this fallen world. Some parents go to great lengths to replace deceased pets while the potentially bereaved child is out of the house, but we've never taken that approach.
Apart from the way we've coped, another angle of general interest is the length of Pads' illness. This is an emergent trend with enhanced therapy.
Pads mates generously gave him some i-Tunes vouchers, since he now has an Apple device. Last night he finally got around to choosing something, that was proving tricky because he's no fan of the current music scene. The only item he'd landed on was some John Williams movie music that we already have. He'd looked at films to purchase, but we were both surprised at how little choice there was. Anyway, since he likes film music, it seemed like a good idea to go around the store picking up individual tracks and so he spent a while on that project.
The Christian Lewis Trust play therapist returned on Wednesday. Pads was keen to see her and, as usual, they had a 42 deck game of Skip-Bo. 42 cards each makes the game last about an hour. She came within one card of her first ever win when Pads snatched victory at the last!
Pads had planned a hot-tub for Thursday and he was well enough to take advantage. Friday was clinic day.  This time he wasnt given an option as it is important for the consultant to check him over before a new cycle of chemo starts. On the way back, mum pushing the wheelchair, he met the gastrostomy nurse and a fellow cancer sufferer. This lad is now blind from the illness, yet very perky. Pads was highly amused at the way he was 'explored' through touch and questioning. It is another reminder of how common suffering is and how many are in similar, if not worse, sitations.
I've just taken paracetamol and codiene 'Padi style' - throw them all in together and take a swig! At 1.30 am my eardrum burst, the pressure from an infection finally grew too great. Thankfully it's ten years since this happened last. We were on our way up to Achiltibuie to visit McFarlanes, stopping off overnight at Jean's. That was just one aspect of just one of our eventful trips North. I've got more pain relief on board this time but when the nurse on the phone asked me what my pain score was, I found it hard to be precise, not wanting to over-state it when Pads has endured so much so patiently.

Road from Achiltibuie

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We hope your ear recovers quickly.