Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Point made

Pads spent almost the entire weekend in bed, which is probably where the parents should have been with their colds, but, for them, the 'show must go on'. The medical team said a cold would hit him harder and so it has although there are definite signs of improvement now. He descended for the tutor yesterday and is talking about the possibility of a hot tub later in the week. Today we got him down to meet Ian from Chwarel who are keen to do a piece for radio about us. We don't know what form that will take yet but we have the mic and some formative ideas. Pads coped well with this although some of it was awkward for him. He's implying the others are off doing useful things all day while he gets to crack machinarium puzzles:
Whatever you think of computer games, that is a masterpiece. I said that the most important learning happens in primary and he'd proved more than capable on every front there. He said he missed the last year of primary, so I upped the ante. Every second he's alive he's doing a worthwhile thing, just lying there. After he's gone we'll be left with the aftermath and the memory, now we have the reality, that, on a moment-by-moment basis inspires us and causes us to inspire others, by God's grace. Apart from that, he's got deep insight, and more's the point, spiritual insight.
If anyone in the USA is listening.... (yesterday I wrote this on Chick-fil-A's FB wall but no response yet... - relatives in the US are in pursuit - thanks Renie and Joe!)
For the last 2 years Pads has smirked and giggled at a Chick-fil-A calendar (and we with him). To many people's surprise, he made it to 2012 and now there's a big empty space on his wall... Please can you tell me how can I get hold of one of these?
Finally, I've started a new twitter account for thoughts from family worship. I have used this blog for that in the past but tweeting is a lot more efficient. It's called 1st1st because it's vital to put fellowship with God first in a day, a decision, a life. The latest 'sweet verse' I have the kids learning is 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you' (Matthew 6:33). Sweet verses gain sweets in the mouth and sweetness in the heart which lasts a lot longer ;-)
I dreaded the responsibility of leading family worship and still have my qualms, but the Lord undertakes to bring something vital from the Bible by God's Spirit every time we approach it prayerfully. Even the most familiar passages repeatedly reward us with surprising discoveries of the things of God, if not God Himself.

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Susanna said...

We are thankful for every second your dear son is with you xxxxx