Thursday, February 16, 2012

Putting the calendar to work

It being half term, yesterday, Pads took a trip to visit Dan, one of his old school pals. He was out for 7 hours, including a trip to the dentist and McDonalds for a donut.
I was looking around Pads room on Monday morning and noticed his certificate from the Ellen MacArthur trip last year. When I suggested he might like to go again, this was recieved with considerable enthusiasm. Then I thought, we should be using that calendar. A while ago, our nurse mentioned the word 'June'. That came as a bit of a shock, to even think that far ahead, but it occurred to us that living for the moment can wear a bit thin. Pads has a couple of dates coming up with the Brain Tumour Support Group and so I've penned these onto his Chick-fil-a calendar. This is positioned right in front of him and now displays some things worth looking forward to.
The dates in the picture are for sticky toffee pudding, which Ally's planning to make for a meet-up tomorrow night... also on Pads calendar, although he's unlikely to eat any of it.


Susanna said...

sticky toffee pudding???? hmmmmm, how long will it take us to drive to yours....... :)

Mike Johnson said...

well - you can relax because we've got another one for pudpud tomorrow so pootle over by 1:30pm and you could be in time. When you think it's just a sponge with a packet of dates in - fantastic!