Monday, February 13, 2012

Swear box

Today the play therapist visited. Pads had already declared what he wanted to do and it wasnt playing Skip-Bo. He finds it difficult to find the right words and he gets frustrated with himself when things come out with more venom than he'd intended. This is particularly true when watching a film. He's a bit like my dad watching the rugby. IF you were in the room, you didnt dare breathe! His siblings, however, chatter and make comments all through and this is irritating. Pads had the idea that there could be a type of 'swear box' that everyone could contribute to if they spoke up while watching a film, but also that HE would contribute to if he loses his cool. The exact cost of the fine is yet to be determined, remembering that Bo is especially short of funds, and Moli's got the job of decorating the box, so it could be a while before it sees any action.
In other news, today Pads was in very good form. He was with his mum in the car. While passing McDonalds she asked him if he wanted anything. 'Donut' came the reply and so he ate a donut. This has to be the single biggest 'meal' he's had in weeks if not months.

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