Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pads at Paignton

We had an option on a holiday in Paignton, through a network of hotels that offer breaks to families in our position. In the event they couldnt offer us anything in the school holidays, the kids having missed a couple of weeks already. But Pads was up for the trip and so I was keen for him and mum to take advantage. It was a fair way to travel but they made it in good time yesterday. Pads likes his bed these days and cant be left for long, especially not in unfamiliar surroundings. So it was terrific that Pastor David and Ruth Kay were able to travel down from Barnstaple to visit them this morning. I think I heard that Pads was beating Pastor David at chess on the i-pad!
 The hotel at dawn this morning
 Pads at Paignton
This is a week of travelling, with Moli away to Scotland for work experience with Christian Focus Publications. We're very grateful to Catherine McKenzie for taking Moli on and to Ross and Amy for putting her up. I was helping with the PA at the Birmingham Conference last Friday and Saturday and then I'm off to the Netherlands for a conference next week. Asher is eagerly anticipating a trip to Newtown after the holidays. He's been practicing with Whitchurch Hockey for years but misses out on games because they insist on playing on the Lord's Day. Last week we heard the school were in a tournament in Swansea. Ally phoned and the next day Ash was scoring goals for them - including two in the final - which they won!

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