Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wales v France

There were lots of mixed feelings about getting tickets for the match today. It seemed difficult to imagine that Pads would be up for sitting through a game. We heard on Monday that tickets were coming our way. The WRU Charitable Trust distributed them to Stepping Stones Care Services and then on to LATCH. The tickets were for a wheelchair space and attendant which posed a slight ethical dilemma if, in the event, Pads was not able to go. Various suggestions of who could fill his seat were made. Although this would have been educative for the person in the chair, that was never going to happen. When I finally checked with P two hours before we were aiming to leave it had not crossed his mind that there was any problem, we were going. We had good seats, as you can see. It was a thrilling match too and the Welsh side played with great composure in spite of the huge expectations of the crowd. Pads coped well enough, although his good ear took a bashing from the yelling of the crowd to his right.
This time last year we were in Florida (links to post from March 2011 with the photos)  - seems quite surreal. We're so grateful for all the memories from that trip. Here's one from the Kennedy Space Centre!

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