Monday, March 12, 2012

Will power

Boaz has been performing lately, Asher too in his Eisteddfod. Boaz did that but also was highly excited to sing with his friends at the local eisteddfod and really enjoyed it. Last Friday he was at the St David's Hall singing with the same friends at a concert to raise money for Banardo's. Earlier that day, Pads wasn't up for going to the clinic - too tired. But it enabled Ally to have a good long chat with our consultant.  They had a look at the CT scan from the week before. It showed that there really is no further swelling. However, just from the way we're now talking about him, she could tell he has been more tired of late. Yesterday, in spite of spending Friday and Saturday in bed, he was feeling rotten and it took a monumental effort by him to get up and dressed and out to the evening service.
Then he was in good form again,enjoying the sermon and fellowship afterwards.
The doctor was talking about reviewing the treatment, as 12 cycles is a natural point at which to do that and we're at number 10. There is no telling what might happen if the oral chemo ( ) was stopped after that, but with Pads wanting to go on the Ellen McArthur trip again, that would take him up to 14 cycles... We're skirting the fine line which defines 'quality of life.'

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