Saturday, March 3, 2012

Warning - not for the sqeamish

Pads had great fun today with his Brain Tumour Support Group chums. They're a really caring group and love to have Padi along. The group gives him a completely different circle of people to be with, whatever they actually get up with, he really enjoys being there.
The idea for visiting 'The Theatrical Makeup' studio emerged after the road-show version were engaged for the LATCH party in January. Pads was not in very good form that day. This time was also better because it was a dedicated workshop with friends. Initially we were concerned because the start time was rather early, 10am, and, while we were late arriving, it was only by 10 minutes.
The next time I saw him at 2pm he was wearing two very gory wounds. Apparently they'd been inflicting these on each other for most of the time I was away! Bearing in mind yesterday's symptoms I left a few paracetamol with the LATCH social workers, Dan and Kaye (big thanks to them!), but he's had no extra pain all day. It is strange how hot he feels sometimes... warm enough this morning to appear downstairs in shorts. This was just as well because it meant he could get a really juicy wound on his shin.
He wasn't long home before heading off to see cousin Llŷr. He was still going strong until after his bath (leaving his fentynal patches on in a warm bath can speed up the drug's release!). It'll be interesting to see what effect all this activity has on him tomorrow.
In other news, Dan says he's had the 'OK' to go on an Ellen MacArthur cruise this summer.

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