Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sign of the times

Apologies if this is a bit shocking but Pads was laughing like a drain about this sign, and a few other pics he was flicking through on the i-Pad: Internet 'memes' which vary in their suitability to be repeated here... After wrenching himself out of bed on Sunday for the evening service, and looking pretty good for it, Pads has made it downstairs just a few times since. Once for the tutor on Monday, watching 'The Grapes of Wrath', which is a lot less depressing than the audio book, he says. Then last night he agreed to descend for a game of 'Phase 10' with his siblings: the play therapist gave him that for Easter. Today he's been in bed the whole day pretty much, apart from an evening bathe to make up for the fact that the hot tub was ruled out by foul weather. Of course, the irony in the image above is not lost on Pads. It is the very opposite of what he's actually wanting, especially in his darker moments. And yet he carries on carrying on. There have been many twists and turns to the last four years, but this one is quite special. I've likened the sitation to falling 40000 feet, only to be halted a few inches from the ground, knowing that the eventual impact is going to hurt all the same. I'd love him to use his 'voice' a bit more, but any expectations we have must be balanced by the sheer patience he has shown, and continues to show. And we still get out occasionally. Pads likes Poirot and it seemed too good a chance when the Agatha Christie Company were in town. Ally got tickets and we enjoyed it, even if there was no Poirot(!) I get in for nothing accompanying Pads. He's got that for the cinema too now so am pondering an Avengers trip. It all helps mark the time. What would you do with your last months?

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