Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cold feet

Last Friday we'd lined up an appointment with the consultant to review Pads' chemo as he'd indicated that he'd like to. About an hour before the departure time he was ill and this, together with getting 'cold feet', meant that he was not going to budge. Anyway, apparently he'd changed his mind a couple of days before and so the meeting wasnt really necessary. He offered the consultant to visit him instead, if she wanted to. This was another unexpected 'turn of events'.
He really is not getting out of bed much, couldnt even manage church on Sunday night. But he's still intending to go on the Brain Tumour Support Group trip to the National Botanic Gardens near Carmarthen a week on Saturday. Trip to include creating a large mosaic under the supervision of 'Pod Clare'. The remarkable thing about this is that this means he'll be out all day with a 9:30am start!
DNA barcode mosaic design by Pod Clare

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