Monday, May 21, 2012


Since Pads' decision to continue with chemo two weeks ago, he's definitely improved his outlook. We're also adjusting our way of thinking away from a sense of him as terminally ill to 'just' being disabled. This was helped, for me by a series of three co-incidences, the last was this 50 pence coin.
We were sat in the Red Dragon centre on the recent Bank Holiday Monday. I spotted a tallish lad with a hiking pole who seemed to lack full function on his left side. He was walking awkwardly but successfully enough, and I said to Ally, 'There's Pads in 10 years time'. I suggested a pole to Pads again: they can be better if you fall, as a crutch with a cuff can yank your shoulder as you go down. He wasnt interested.
Then, last Wednesday I was approaching the office on foot and another lad was shuffling along with the help of a single crutch. He looked about 18 years old, just a few inches taller than Pads, thin hair: in aspect, a bit like he'd received some harsh 'therapy' in the recent past. I thought, 'There's Pads in 5 years time.' Well, he's thinking about being 15 anyway, so that's a start. What shall we do in the mean time? Half term trip to Scotland, RIAT, Bluebells, CWC...

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