Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kay's Day

We're just delighted that Kay Richmond got to carry the Torch today. Sorry Matt (Smith), you're just an actor. Kay's the real deal (can just about be seen in the photo below on the far left). On Thursday, she visited us again, bringing a photo of the last Brain Tumour Support Group trip to the Botanic Gardens AND Pads' mosaic that he created with the help of 'Pod' Clare. Kay confirmed that she's secured funding from LATCH to pay 'Pod' Clare's expenses to visit Cardiff and do some further work with Pads. Kay had also got her husband to grout the mosaic for Pads!
We're enjoying the fine weather and a positivity that's 'in the air' these last couple of weeks. Yesterday Ally had a meeting with the consultant who warned against getting carried away. With Pads almost fainting in the hot tub on Thursday, we get these little reminders which help to keep our feet on the ground.
Many have prayed for complete healing for Pads, and still do. But there's something more amazing than miracles: glorifying God in the midst of 'dark events'. We're very mindful of a dear friend Lynn, who has languishing under illness with the most incredible joy and peace in believing. We had a beautiful quote given to us the other day from Spurgeon's sermon on 'Grieving the Holy Spirit':
Remember how much he loves us when he helpeth our infirmities. Nay, not only doth he help our infirmities, but when we know not what to pray for as we ought he teacheth us how to pray, and when "we ourselves groan within ourselves," then the Spirit himself maketh intersession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered—groans as we should groan, but more audibly, so that our prayer, which else would have been silent, reaches the ears of Christ, and is then presented before his Father's face. To help our infirmities is a mighty instance of love. When God overcomes infirmity altogether, or removes it, there is something very noble, and grand, and sublime in the deed; when he permits the infirmity to remain and yet works with the infirmity, this is tender compassion indeed. When the Saviour heals the lame man you see his Godhead, but when he walketh with the lame man, limping though his gait may be; when he sitteth with the beggar, when he talketh with the publican, when he carryeth the babe in his bosom, then this helping of infirmities is a manifestation of love almost unequalled. Save Christ's bearing our infirmities upon the tree and our sins in his own body, I know of no greater or more tender instance of divine love than when it is written, "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities (Rom8:26)."

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