Friday, June 15, 2012

Modelling again

No, not that kind of modelling!
Pads is rightly proud of his latest model, a Spitfire. It his first for some time. Remember that his left-hand dexterity has been hampered for over a year, but it's the returning confidence underlying this effort I want to highlight. They got it in the Landmark Centre on the Scotland trip, deliberately selecting one of the more complex projects. He was tackling it enthusiastically this week. There was a point of severe stress though when, try as he might, the parts would just not fit together. I was also mystified and there was much muttering about the 'state of things today' from both of us. When he picked it up later I limited him to a 15 minute stress-free slot of activity. With the application of the correct needle file, before long the model was really coming together.

There's just 19 hours to go on the PSP-Go auction and the price is now at £31. 

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