Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back to Bluebells

We were excited in anticipating another week at the Sebastian's Action Trust holiday home, 'Bluebells'. Although the weather was often quite wet, we managed to get out for a couple of trips. We greatly enjoyed the Hawk Conservancy Trust. They like to get you up close to the birds. In this shot we see Pads plus Nigel, the Southern White-faced Owl.
Once again, using our annual passes, we visited Blenheim Palace and finally made it to the pleasure gardens. Wheel-chairs were not supposed to enter the maze but we decided to go for it. Pads managed to clamber up and down the steps to both the elevated platforms. The butterfly house was also a 'hot' favourite, as was the cafe when the rain came on again. Thankfully it had been fine when we needed it to be.
In fact, there is always plenty to do at the Bluebells house, with its leisure wing boasting a swimming pool, art/craft room, music room, cinema/video game room, etc. etc.
Here are the pictures Asher, Boaz and Moli made towards the end of our stay:

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