Sunday, July 15, 2012


Pads was frantic with itching last night, and had some neck pain. You're left feeling pretty helpless watching him squirm. Thankfully, two simple medicines dealt with these symptoms eventually - piriton and paracetamol. In the mean time he opted for a bath to try and counter the itching... this was at 10pm. Then getting him out of the bath usually involves some amount of dizziness or even fainting, which rather grounds one from any over-optimism that a pleasant week away can generate.
This itching seems to arise quite randomly and it does not always spread, as it did last night, to include most of his top half. This makes it difficult to know whether to reach for the antihistamine every time he starts scratching.
It's left him 'zonked' today anyway. He hardly seemed to notice Jack jumping on his bed at 11 this morning, having said yesterday how much he'd missed the dogs. He'd better get up and enjoy them soon because, God willing, this week he's away again with the Ellen MacArthur Trust.


Rachael said...

I pop in often to see how Pads is doing as I've followed your blog since his diagnosis. I can't even remember how I found you originally. I haven't commented before as I honestly don't know what to say, but I felt compelled today to just say hi. As a Christian and a parent I'm following along in the background.

Rachael. Gillingham, Kent

Mike Johnson said...

Thank you for that message Rachael, and your sustained interest. Often words seem so inadequate that we don't use them. Yet, in such cases, when we do, we find that even the most seemingly inadequate word counts for a lot.
The Lord be with you,