Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More on the Ellen MacArthur Trip

Here are a couple of favourite photos you may have missed if you have not looked through the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust facebook album. I could not resist copying them to add to this post...
It was terrific to give hospitality to Rev. John J Murray and his wife Cynthia last night. They also lost their daughter to a brain tumour when she was 12. His booklet, 'Behind a frowning providence' is an excellent read for people in our situation.
Pads was pleased to come out to the Summer Conference first meeting last night where Jonathan Munday declared plainly that we are sinners and need to be saved sinners, as Rahab the harlot was. Boaz came away saying that his mum was Rahab! The biblical Boaz (the person, not the temple pillar) parents were 'Salmon and Rahab', which must have meant that Salmon was fine about marrying an 'ex-harlot'. There you have a case of the full restoration that any sinner can know through the amazing salvation offered through the Lord Jesus Christ. But even that restoration will pale in the light of the 'eternal weight of glory' soon to engulf us, and which the 'sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us' (Romans 8:18).
In spite of being at the conference last night, Pads still spent ages afterwards writing up his evaluation form from the sailing trip. Here are a couple of quotes:
Most enjoyable parts of the trip? "Getting there and making new friends (and meeting old ones) Driving the boat and beating my record and catching 3 crabs!"
What did you enjoy about the sailing? "I enjoyed just having the wind in my face, and overtaking the Scarlet after leaving an hour behind."
What did you particularly enjoy during the week? "Just getting your hands dirty and doing what was 'normal', and talking to people in the same situation as yourself"
Any comments for staff/volunteers? "It was great to have them there, solely for your pleasure or need, if anybody helped me enjoy my time there it was the helping hand offered in them"
And, finally:
"It was fab to be with people 'in the same boat as you'. I mean, you almost felt; "if these people are going to make it through, I will"
He was fairly blown away with how nice everyone was. We are so grateful to everyone who was involved. We had our hearts in our mouths a bit wondering if it could possibly as good a time as last year. Dan said Pads actually did more this year than last! He's still chuckling over the photos in the facebook album. There's one where two girls are trying to move an 'AfterEight' from their forehead to their mouth without touching it. Involves a lot of facial contortions! Look out CWCampers - you are next! I'm in charge of the 'Mini-Olympics', so, if you have a favourite 'crazy competition', I'd love to hear about it ;)

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