Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taking the bus

It's Asher's birthday today and, although the weather prevented a beach party, they're off to Ruth and Rhys's for a hot tub, an owl viewing and a burger. As we're a single car family now, and that is full of lads, Moli and Pads have caught the bus. This is the same route I used to commute from Miskin to Canton back in my time working for Barclays. Pads is in good form. He was willing to have the grand opening of the presents happen in his room fairly early. One of these is a Raspberry PI (see picture with the complimentary extra large tee-shirt that wouldn't fit anyone but me :), the source of quite a lot of bemusement. They all knew it was a computer but Pads wants to know 'but what does it do?' That's for Asher to discover :)

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