Monday, July 2, 2012

Thanks again LATCH!

Thankfully Pads has not got any pain today. He's got visits from the psychologist and tutor lined up. New fentanyl patches and a couple of paracetamol did the job for him last night - he popped 9 pills all in one gulp! He's had little bouts of pain in the past and probably this is just of the same order. I was helped this morning reading four simple powerful words: 
'Fear not: believe only' (Luke 8:50)
As we turn the calendar to July he's got plenty in prospect: another visit from Pod, re-visit to Bluebells, Ellen MacArthur trip, and the Summer Conference (hope you can come?). And then there's the Olympics. A long time ago this came up when we were thinking of an end of treatment charity funded 'dream'. Pads had said he'd like to go to 'the Olympics' but this seemed a long and uncertain way off. We had a fantastic trip to Florida instead. The last time the Olympics were on we were moving through France with Padi's mystery illness happening. Everyone was fascinated by the coverage we picked up in the 'Formule1' motel, even though it focussed on the French interest. I mentioned this to Kay. She's been raising money for LATCH by accepting donations for the loan of her torch (picture below of Kay with a torch official when she did her 'carry' back in May). This makes a lot more sense than selling it on ebay as some have. Her torch has been a fantastic marketing tool, making appearances at schools, etc. with people paying to have their photo taken holding it. One Cardiff jeweller is renting it for their shop window while the Olympics are on. Anyway, Kay asked LATCH to fund a small grant to buy a new telly and the cheque arrived last week. Pads was mystified by this, 'but we've already got a telly', he said. In fact we don't even have a licence since we do not watch broadcast TV or live footage on the Web. So the plan is to get a licence for the Olympics only and that gratifies everyone's intentions.

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