Saturday, September 1, 2012

CW Camp 2012

We were so pleased that we were all able to go to the camp that had been in planning for over a year. When we agreed to help as leaders we had no idea what our situation would be but now we can thankfully look back on a fantastic week. When we arrived I was checking out the lay of the land and it all looked like a 'big ask' to just get Pads around the site. It was very kind of Pastor and Mrs Kay to give up their allotted shared room so that P could have access to the disabled facilities in the nights. Once again Pads was able to rise to the occasion, in spite of a strange bed, late nights and having to share with me! He was keen to get to and participate in as much of the camp as he could. He even got to the semi-final of the pool tournament! On Thursday morning I left him sleep in, expecting him to stay there while we were in the morning service but, admittedly towards the end, he was seen climbing the staircase to join us the rest of us.
There are a number of photos featuring Pads over on the CW Camps Facebook page, which you do not need to login to review. See
It is 5 years since my mother went to glory and four since we were told that Pads tumour was cancerous.

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